Introductory Movie (4:40/25MB)
Experience a fly-over animation of 9 distinct eco-scapes of Alaska
that will be explored in the 39-minute DVD.
You will see and hear wildlife from each of the eco-scapes
while listening to the Native Alaskan song, "Where's My Drum?", performed by Pamyua.

Buy DVD and More
Spirit of the Arctic DVD is now available for purchase!
The DVD has a bilingual menu and feature program plus a 32-page booklet
(English & Japanese), which includes the common name, Alaska Native language
name, and scientific name of 100 species of wildlife and plants, and more!
Also available is a CD of the program soundtrack only with booklet, and a CD of a
Science Curriculum and Study guide about Alaska wildlife featured in the Spirit of the Arctic DVD.

Spirit of the Wind - the movie about George Attla is now available on DVD via